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University of Michigan School of Information

A headshot of Joyojeet Pal

Joyojeet Pal

Associate Professor of Information, School of Information Email: Phone: 734/764-1555
Office: School of Information/3445 North Quad Faculty Role: Faculty Potential PhD Faculty Advisor: Yes Personal website


Joyojeet Pal studies the role of technology in democracy and labor. He specializes in politicians' use of social media, and in misinformation, particularly in India.



Areas of interest

Political Social Media, Misinformation, Future of Work


University of California at Berkeley, PhD in City and Regional Planning



"Cited by Bloomberg Quint, Associate professor Joyojeet Pal, 'Indian business doesn't speak up against Injustice. Here's proof.'" Headshot of Joyojeet Pal.
Pal: Why Indian companies are loath to speak out against social injustice

After a hateful event, the silence from a company’s social media platform can speak volumes. What makes a company go quiet in the face of bigotry?

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Map of the Global South, including Africa and South Asia, University of Michigan logo. "Social Media influencers and the New Political Economy in South Asia and Africa, Thursday and Friday, April 7-8, 2022, North Quad 2435, 9am-6pm EDT, In person and available online through registration,"
U-M hosts symposium on social media influencers' effect on society, politics and economy

U-M will host a Social Media Influencers and the New Political Economy in South Asia and Africa symposium April 7-8. Speakers will highlight the role of social media in societies around the world and showcase how influencers impact politics, economy and culture.

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