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Merve Hickok in the News

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UMSI faculty developing new online courses about GenAI in the workplace


As U-M leads the way in artificial intelligence education, UMSI faculty are developing courses on generative AI that could help professionals advance their careers in a changing landscape.

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Unveiling the future: UMSI experts share insights on AI in 2024


Five UMSI experts talk about the future of AI and their fears and hopes for 2024 around regulation, data access and artificial intelligence. 

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Quoted by Fortune. Lecturer Merve Hickok. A widely use AI image training database contained explicit pictures of children. Experts warn that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Hickok: The race to innovate in AI is leading to consequences


Explicit photos of children were used to train AI image-generation tools. UMSI lecturer and AI ethics expert Merve Hickok says these are the repercussions of releasing AI models “without safeguards in place.” 

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Quoted by VentureBeat. Lecturer Merve Hickok. Biden AI Exec orders rolls out to applause, concerns of overreach.

Hickok: Biden’s order limiting the use of artificial intelligence is a step in the right direction


A new executive order by the Biden Administration helps prevent AI misuse and is celebrated by AI expert Merve Hickok.

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Recent UMSI Awards and Honors.

UMSI awards & honors: October 2023


UMSI researchers are recognized nationally and internationally for their outstanding work. Read about their recent accomplishments.

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Quoted by The New York Times. Intermittent Lecturer Merve Hickok. 8 more companies pledge to make A.I. safe.

Hickok: Voices of tech leaders can’t be privileged over security of everyday people


When it comes to regulation of artificial intelligence, UMSI intermittent lecturer Merve Hickok says tech companies are being given too much power on Capitol Hill.

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Quoted by Scientific American. Kentaro Toyama and Merve Hickok. Can artificial intelligence solve brainteasers?

UMSI researchers Merve Hickok and Kentaro Toyama talk AI with Scientific American


Hickok and Toyama discuss the possibilities and limitations of AI for solving complex brainteasers.

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Merve Hickok. Intermittent lecturer in information. Artificial intelligence has the power to undermine human rights. Congress must establish safeguards.

Merve Hickok: Artificial intelligence has the power to undermine human rights. Congress must establish safeguards.


UMSI intermittent lecturer in information Merve Hickok talks about AI bias, regulation and what consumers can do to protect their rights to privacy.

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Quoted by Insider. Intermittent Lecturer Merve Hickok.  I interviewed a breast-cancer survivor who wanted me to tell her story. She was actually an AI.

Hickok: Scammers are increasingly using AI to trick victims


UMSI lecturer in information Merve Hickok discusses the dangers of artificial intelligence technologies.

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Quoted by Wired. Intermittent lecturer Merve Hickok. Chatbots got big—And their ethical red flags got bigger.

Hickok: When it comes to AI, companies will “push for profit over rights”


UMSI intermittent lecturer in information Merve Mickok talks about the need for more regulation of AI technology.

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