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Joyojeet Pal in the News

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UMSI Research Roundup. Doc on the Tok. Getting Cozy with Causality. Recent publications by UMSI faculty and PhD students.

Doc on the Tok | Getting Cozy with Causality: UMSI Research Roundup


Recent UMSI faculty and PhD student publications. 

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How much influence does social media have on India's ongoing elections?


UMSI associate professor Joyojeet Pal talks about the significant impact of social media in India's upcoming election. 

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Quoted by BBC. Associate Professor Joyojeet Pal. The influencers driving India's big election.

Pal: India’s election is being swayed by influencers


UMSI associate professor Joyojeet Pal says social media trends in India’s upcoming elections are “dangerous for democracy.” 

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The 4th International Conference on Social Media and Society in India. Monday and Tuesday, April 8-9, 2024. 9am-6pm North Quad space 2435 and online. Please register to attend either in person or on Zoom.

UMSI to feature more than 20 experts at the Social Media and Society in India Symposium


The symposium will take place Monday, April 8 and Tuesday, April 9.

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Quoted by Al Jazeera. Associate professor Joyojeet Pal. "Inflection point": AI meme wars hit India elections, test social platforms.

Pal: AI-enhanced memes are creating chaos on the political front


Artificial intelligence is changing how political candidates campaign for office, says UMSI associate professor Joyojeet Pal. 

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UMSI News.

India ranks as highest risk for misinformation


Social media is changing how candidates leverage political power and campaigning. UMSI expert Joyojeet Pal talks about the challenges of this year's elections. 

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UMSI research roundup. Tour guide robots, lonely data science. Check out UMSI faculty and PhD student publications.

Tour-guide robots | Lonely data science: UMSI Research Roundup


Recent UMSI faculty and PhD student publications. 

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Quoted by Rest of World. Associate Professor Joyojeet Pal. How Narendra Modi became India's influencer-in-chief.

Pal: Narendra Modi’s use of social media is driving popularity


Joyojeet Pal discusses how Modi has become the “apex predator of the social media food chain” in India, and how that’s driving his approval ratings. 

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Quoted by The Economic Times. Associate Professor Joyojeet Pal. Is it time to update Model Code of Conduct? Adopting to tech-driven election landscape.

In a big election year, Joyojeet Pal says social media platforms must do more to mitigate misinformation


Social media will have a big impact on elections this year for numerous countries, making it critical for platforms to limit misinformation, says UMSI associate professor Joyojeet Pal. 

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Quoted by Logically Facts. Associate professor Joyojeet Pal. Rise of AI-driven misinformation in 2023: Navigating a new era of digital perception.

Pal: AI is helping spread misinformation. Now what?


Pal speaks with Logically Facts about the alarming and rapid use of artificial intelligence to create effective misinformation campaigns on social media. 

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