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University of Michigan School of Information

Sarita Yardi Schoenebeck

Sarita Schoenebeck

Associate Professor of Information, School of Information Email: Phone:
Office: School of Information/4389 North Quad Faculty Role: Faculty Personal website


Areas of interest

Social computing, social media, HCI, parents, youth, boundary setting


BA, Dartmouth College

MS, University of California at Berkeley

PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology



Mercury Project Grant, Targeting health misinformation networks: Network-transforming interventions for reducing the spread of health misinformation online. UMSI. Eric Gilbert, Ceren Budak, Sarita Schoenebeck
UMSI faculty awarded Mercury Project grant to fight health disinformation

UMSI researchers join the Mercury Project to combat mis- and disinformation on public health, including vaccines. Their project focuses on targeting misinformation networks on social media.


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"'Characteristics of people who engage in online harassing behavior,' UMSI authors, Song Mi Lee, Cliff Lampe, Sarita Schoenebeck." CHI22 logo with a marti gras mask, New Orleans, LA." Portrait photos of Song Mi Lee, Cliff Lampe and Sarita Schoenebeck.
Anyone can be a cyberbully, not just people who are unhinged

Think only certain people are harassers? New research by U-M says otherwise. "We want to get rid of the idea that harassers are a particular group, or a special species. Everyone has the capacity to cause harm to others in online spaces."

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