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Social media

The study of social media involves interdisciplinary research that examines the creation, consumption, and impact of content on social networking platforms. Scholars in this field analyze patterns of communication, user behavior, the dissemination of information, and the social, cultural and political implications of social media interactions.

Quoted by Forbed. Professor Cliff Lampe. Not the Reich stuff? Trump campaign pulled controversial video.

Lampe: Trump’s campaign is leaning into disinformation


UMSI professor Cliff Lampe discusses the impact of Donald Trump’s erratic political campaign.

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How much influence does social media have on India's ongoing elections?


UMSI associate professor Joyojeet Pal talks about the significant impact of social media in India's upcoming election. 

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Quoted by BBC. Associate Professor Joyojeet Pal. The influencers driving India's big election.

Pal: India’s election is being swayed by influencers


UMSI associate professor Joyojeet Pal says social media trends in India’s upcoming elections are “dangerous for democracy.” 

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TikTok: U-M experts available as the clock ticks on social media sale or ban


UMSI experts are available to comment on TikTok's uncertain future in the United States. 

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Shadowbanning: Some marginalized social media users believe their content is suppressed


A new study by UMSI assistant professor Oliver Haimson looks at the impact of shadowbanning on social media users. 

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A photo of Kara Swisher and Mary Barra sitting on the stage, with Andrea Forte standing behind a podium

Award-winning journalist Kara Swisher visits U-M to talk misinformation, need for tech regulation


Swisher’s new memoir offers an insider’s perspective on the tech world. She was joined in conversation by General Motors CEO Mary Barra at an event co-sponsored by UMSI.

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