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Cohn: Alain Cohn featured on Game Changer Podcast

Featured by Game Changer Podcast. Associate professor Alain Cohn. Fortune's Fairness: The super rich's view on inequality.

Thursday, 12/21/2023

University of Michigan School of Information associate professor Alain Cohn is featured in an episode of Game Changer Podcast. In the interview, Cohn talks about the complex relationship between wealth and perceptions of fairness in society and the differences in attitudes towards inequality among the wealthy. 

His research this year, published in the Journal of Public Economics, demonstrates how wealthy Americans have a greater willingness to accept inequalities relative to the general public. 

“I think it’s important to better understand people’s reasoning behind their support for certain economic policies and I think our results, especially from the first study, show that people’s fairness preference matters quite a bit,” Cohn says in the podcast.  “The question is, however, is what shapes their fairness preferences. We still have relatively little evidence and not a good understanding of what shapes preferences.” 


Learn more about Alain Cohn research on economics by visiting his UMSI faculty profile


— Noor Hindi, UMSI public relations specialist