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The examination of various forms of communication channels and platforms, analyzing their creation, distribution and impact on society, culture and individuals.

UMSI Research. Author mentions in science news reveal widespread disparities across name-inferred ethnicities. Misha Teplitskiy, assistant professor. Davig Jurgens, associate professor.

Study: Author mentions in science news reveal widespread disparities


A new paper by UMSI assistant professor Misha Teplitskiy and associate professor David Jurgens finds researchers with non-Anglo names are written out of science journalism in the U.S. 

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A landscape photo of a suburban neighborhood taken from above featuring a row of houses.

Where do Nextdoor communities exist—and what do they talk about?


A new study by UMSI doctoral student Megan Brown provides new data about Nextdoor, America's most popular hyperlocal platform.  

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UMSI Research. "From Information Poverty to Information Deficit: An Intersectional Analysis of Women of Color's News Information-Seeking Habits in the Digital Age." Chelsea Peterson-Salahuddin.

Faculty Research Highlight: Chelsea Peterson-Salahuddin


Peterson-Salahuddin’s new paper examines the role of media institutions in marginalizing women of color and their access to news information in the digital age. 

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