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Schaub: Setting up a credit freeze is critical for preventing identity theft

Quoted by U.S News & World Report. Professor Florian Schaub. Fraud alert vs credit freeze: Which the right choice for you?

Tuesday, 09/12/2023

Credit card fraud was the most common type of identity theft in the U.S in 2022. Identity theft has soared in recent years, making it important for consumers to take action to protect themselves. 

For U.S News and World Report, University of Michigan School of Information associate professor Florian Schaub says all consumers should set up a credit freeze to protect their data, and a fraud alerts if they suspect their identity is at risk.

"You wouldn't have that information lying around outside on your lawn or posted to the outside of your apartment door,” Shaub says. “So it's good practice to just lock it down and make sure this can't be accessed unless you're actually engaging in a transaction that requires creditworthiness.” 


Read “Fraud Alert vs. Credit Freeze: Which Is the Right Choice for You?” on U.S News and World Report. 

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Noor Hindi, UMSI public relations specialist