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University of Michigan School of Information


Internships and Recruitment

In addition to being a client for client-based courses and programs, organizations can also hire students for internships and jobs. 

Hosting a student intern can be a great option when a project's scope, deliverable(s) or timeline is not in alignment with one of the client-based courses or programs. When deciding if your project is a better fit for a client-based course or internship, please use the criteria below as a guide (and reach out to the client engagement team with any questions): 

Internship vs. Client Based Course:

  • Cost: There is no cost to host a student project through a client-based course or program; internships should pay students directly (note that for some internships, students can apply for a grant from UMSI). 
  • Project based: A client-based course project is structured around the course curriculum and requires a level of stability so the project meets the objectives and timeline of the course. Conversely, internship tasks and projects may fluctuate a bit more, as they might in any job.
  • Team based: Many client-based courses have students working in teams along with added mentorship from the faculty, where students typically work independently in internships.
  • Timeline: Most client-based courses occur during the academic year in either the fall term (September-December), winter term (January-April) and in some cases both semesters. Select projects may occur in the summer. If a project has a specific urgency an internship could be a better option as they can occur any time. 


All MSI and MHI students are required to complete an internship for their degree, and most BSI students also complete internships. Generally, internships occur over the summer to ensure students can fulfill their hour requirements though companies may hire interns at any time during the year. The School of Information’s Career Development Office shares more about hiring an intern

Recruiting Opportunities

Some clients who work with students on a project through a client-based course or program go on to offer students internships or employment.

Neither the client engagement team nor the instructional teams facilitate internships or employment opportunities between students and clients. Clients who wish to recruit students beyond client-based course involvement are welcome to discuss these possibilities directly with students or with our Career Development Office.

Please visit our internship website if you’re interested in hiring a UMSI student intern.

If you are interested in hiring a UMSI student for an internship or full-time employment, please contact our Career Development Office at [email protected] or call (734) 763-1251.