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University of Michigan School of Information


Classroom-based opportunities

UMSI students engage with real-world information problems in the classroom. Through client-based course projects, skill development workshops within courses, and global courses, students are able to directly apply the tools and ideas they are learning in their courses. 

Client-based courses

The Engaged Learning Office (ELO) recruits and sources hundreds of projects from local and global organizations to bring to students within UMSI courses. Client-based courses provide students with high-impact learning experiences. Students gain confidence communicating with a client and collaborating with a team, while developing deliverables they can include in their portfolios. 

Courses include

Organizations from all industries and sectors are invited to propose information-based projects for UMSI students to work on. Learn more here

Students and community members talking in a living room.
UMSI students interview residents in their home as part of user research for the city of Ann Arbor.

Skill development workshops within courses

Working in partnership with faculty, the ELO delivers classroom-based skill development workshops on topics such as client communication, teamwork, community-based engagement, design and innovation, and project management. Each workshop provides an introduction to the topic, an active learning activity and a reflection component. By offering multiple opportunities for skill development, UMSI seeks to prepare students to be competitive in today’s job market and, more broadly, within society. 

A person giving a presentation to a group of people who are sitting at tables.
UMSI students attend a workshop led by Kelly Kowatch, director of the ELO.

Global courses

Global courses give students the opportunity to travel to another country and learn through coursework while also practicing important information and cultural intelligence skills. UMSI offers semester-long and short-term study abroad opportunities for undergraduate students. Learn more about global opportunities.

A group of people walking down a sidewalk using canes
Students completed a website project in Cape Town, South Africa, with the League of the Friends of the Blind. 

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Interested in seeing examples of client-based course projects?