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University of Michigan School of Information


Information Analytics Capstone - SI 405/485

Data Analytics Capstone

Proposal open date: June 1 
Proposal close date: August 2
Project timeline: September-April
Project duration: 30 weeks
Number of projects needed: 25

SI 485: Information Analytics Project Syllabus


In the Information Analytics Capstone, advanced undergraduate students deliver data-oriented solutions through the development and analysis of data sets, building tools to extract useful information for clients through manipulation, analysis and visualization.

Capstone projects span the entire academic year. In the fall semester (September-December), students are matched with clients, engage in project scoping, and gain access to the datasets and systems involved in the project in SI 405In the winter semester (January-April), students will conduct data analysis and derive insights from datasets involved in the project in SI 485.


  • Written report
  • Deliverables will vary by project and be based on the client needs and project scope. Examples may include:
    • New data sets
    • Data analysis strategy
    • Additions to existing data sets
    • Analysis of data
    • Other negotiated deliverables

Client Requirements

  • Level of engagement for course/program 
    • Minimum of three meetings in the fall semester (September-December)
    • Weekly meetings in the winter semester (January-April)
    • Regular feedback and communication to student team based on the course schedule
    • Introduction to stakeholders and users for interviews and/or data gathering
    • Access to organizational data, systems and/or resources necessary to project completion
    • Attend final presentation
    • Complete project evaluation
  • Special requirements for the course/program 
    • Data for the project must be ready to provide to students by the start of the project in September.
    • Both the primary and secondary contact for the project should be able to answer questions about the datasets.

Previous Project Examples

Client Testimonials

  • “The students' work elevated our organization as a data-driven nonprofit organization. The organization is now armed with objective and concrete data that can support our organization's stories of service and action. I am truly impressed by the students' ability to present the vulnerability of the Filipino American community in Cook County, Illinois through a clear and clean data visualization using Tableau.”
  • “The team provided datasets that are quite illuminating, especially as they connect to the demographics of our clients and the intricacies of language connecting to the frequency of use of History UnErased's instructional resources. The potential of these datasets is very significant, as we will be using these as we apply for federal funding to conduct a longitudinal study to analyze the efficacy of History UnErased's mission and work with K-12 schools. The student team demonstrated commitment, excellent communication, and the regular meetings were invariably helpful and informative.”
  • "The UMSI students' work allows us to determine what we implement next for our users and the impact it will have on them. They've essentially given us the necessary data to back our team's big initiatives and track our impact—a project where we didn't have the proper headcount to really dig into."

Past Clients

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