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User-Centered Agile Development - SI 699

Agile Development Mastery

Proposal open date: June 1
Proposal close date: November 2
Project timeline: January-April
Project duration: 15 weeks 
Number of projects needed: 5

SI 699: User-Centered Agile Development


In SI 699: User-Centered Agile Development, master's-level graduate students work with clients to employ user-centered Agile methodologies to conduct research, prioritize features and develop a product or application.


  • Minimum viable prototype (MVP) of an application, product or service
  • Documentation
  • Code
  • Written report
  • Final presentation

Client Requirements 

  • Level of engagement for course/program 
    • 2 hour bi-weekly sprint planning sessions and 15 minute stand-up meetings 2-3 times a week
    • Regular feedback and communication to student team based on the course schedule
    • Introduction to stakeholders and users for interviews and/or data gathering
    • Access to organizational data, systems and/or resources necessary to project completion
    • Attend the final presentation
    • Complete project evaluation
  • Special requirements for the course/program 
    • Clients should have some exposure to or interest in learning or participating in Agile methodologies and should have some technical ability and knowledge
    • Provide projects in the early stages of development (i.e. an idea or concept)
    • Pitch project to students on first day of class

Past Projects

  • Building a Digital Office. Due to the pandemic and the subsequent closing of their physical office, Chadsey Condon Community Organization needed to shift their in-person activities to an online system that community residents can come to for valuable information, resources, surveys, registration and more. Students created a digital space for Chadsey Condon to easily and effectively maintain outreach and resources for their community. View their final poster and portfolio site.
  • Mobile and Web App Creation. Students worked to create a mobile and web app for Winning Futures to allow mentor and admin use. Their product goal for this project was creating a mobile app to connect students with mentors to track their progress and attendance, while also working to develop a web-based application for program managers to be able to organize their student/mentor sessions and collect session data inputted by mentors. View their Miro board and portfolio site.
  • Pairing Users and Mechanics. Students worked with Mechanicus to build a mobile app to pair users with mechanics to complete repairs based on users location. View their final poster and portfolio site.
  • Connecting community users. Students worked with Collaboratory Online to build a web-based app to connect organizations and individuals in Southwest Florida based on common needs and interests. Based on user feedback, the app included a discussion board, local events and directory. View final poster and portfolio site.

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