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University of Michigan School of Information


Opportunities by Other Characteristics

The School of Information connects companies and organizations with UMSI students who deploy their knowledge and skills to address real information challenges in a variety of areas. In client-based courses and programs, students gain hands-on learning experiences through a contextualized project while providing clients with capacity-building deliverables.

Use the filters below to identify compatible UMSI client-based project opportunities for your organization based on various criteria like course topic, deliverable, project duration and more.

Two students looking at a wooden artifact.

Assessment in Cultural Institutions - SI 633

Graduate students assess and evaluate cultural heritage collections, services, programs or tools to document and measure effectiveness, meet user needs and enhance social impact.

A person looking at a laptop screen. There are four different windows open on the screen and they have code on them.

Big Data Analytics - SI 699

Graduate students work on problems of data manipulation, analysis, and visualization, and use enterprise-scale data to improve outcomes, performance or understanding.

A student standing at a podium

Citizen Interaction Design - SI 538

Graduate students work with a local city to develop new information tools that foster civic engagement on a broad range of topics.

A group of students talking to a client

Civic User Testing (CUT) Group

Student teams test whether public websites, apps and other information services are accessible and useful to city residents and provide recommendations.

A student writing on a stickie note on a wall covered in other stickie notes

Design Jams

U-M student teams work with a client during a two- to three-hour event to provide solutions for an information problem.

A student using a book scanner

Digital Curation Mastery - SI 699

Graduate students develop plans, procedures, and documentation for the management, organization and curation of large data sets and collections.

A group having a meeting at a conference table

Engaging with Communities - SI 547

Graduate students apply their emerging information skills to evaluate a community challenge through contextual inquiry, needs assessment and more.

A student standing in front of a colorful data visualization

Information Analytics Capstone - SI 405/485

In the Information Analytics Capstone, advanced undergraduate students deliver data-oriented solutions through the development and analysis of data sets, building tools to extract useful information for clients through manipulation, analysis and visualization.

A group of three students working together in a classroom

Mastery User Experience Research and Design - SI 699

Graduate students research and design a tool or product that centers accessibility and the needs/experiences of older adults or people with disabilities.

Two people having a discussion at a conference table

Needs Assessment and Usability Evaluation - SI 622

Graduate students evaluate the user experience of an existing system or product and provide recommendations clients can follow to improve their product.

Two hands flipping through a file of diskettes. The label on the file says "John Sayles Diskettes"

Preserving Information Resources in a Digital Age - SI 581

In SI 581: Preserving Information Resources in a Digital Age, small teams of UMSI Master in Information students conduct a preservation assessment and provide recommendations for a preservation plan that aligns with the needs and context of a project organization.

People putting sticky notes up on a transparent wall

Social Media in Organizations - SI 335

In SI 335: Social Media in Organizations, undergraduate students work with clients to evaluate the current state of their social media usage and strategy.

A student standing on the second floor of the Ann Arbor District Library. He is standing next to bookshelves on one side and a balcony on the other.

Special Projects in Librarianship and Archival Practice - SI 699

Graduate students interested in a career in librarianship or archives will lead projects focused on collections, assessment, instruction or community engagement/outreach.

Three students sitting at a table together. The one student facing the camera is talking with his hands

Student Organization - Engaged Learning Leaders (SO-ELL)

Student organization teams complete real-world information projects, giving students the opportunity to ethically engage, practice skills and suggest or effect positive change.

A group of students working together

User Experience Capstone - SI 407/487

Advanced undergraduates work through the complete user experience (UX) process on projects that require both research and design to provide solutions to clients.

Two students collaborate over a laptop. Another student is working on a laptop in the background.

User-Centered Agile Development - SI 699

Graduate students help clients bring projects from concept or idea to a minimally viable prototype using agile methodologies.

A group of students and community members talking in a living room.

UX Field Research in the Public Sector - SI 350

Undergraduate students work with governmental departments and nonprofit agencies to conduct user research around an information challenge.

Three students looking at a laptop together in a classroom

Web Archiving - SI 639

Master’s-level graduate students will gain practical knowledge of capturing, replaying, and analyzing web content using current web crawlers, while also exploring collection plan development, preservation strategies, intellectual property concerns, and innovative applications of web archives.