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Ermias Bizuwork is using information to help save the Great Lakes.

What will you change?

Chloe Preble is using information and VR to make chemotherapy safer.

What will you change?

An Doan is using information to help small businesses thrive online.

What will you change?

Morgan Miller is using information to connect people with empowering resources.

What will you change?

Corey S. is using information to ensure that history is forever and for everyone.

What will you change?


"Quoted by Lifewire, Professor Kentaro Toyama, 'No, Google AI Isn't Self-Aware, Experts Say'" Headshot of Kentaro Toyama.
Toyama: Google’s AI isn’t sentient– but human-like intelligence is possible

Did Google engineers achieve AI sentience? Probably not, says professor Kentaro Toyama, but their project could have human-like intelligence. 


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Baby wearing a long-sleeve pink shirt and holding a remote to their mouth.
UMSI students partner with engineers to save babies and toddlers

Each year, more than 3,500 people swallow small batteries. The risk of accidental swallowing is particularly significant for babies and toddlers. Students at Michigan Engineering and the School of Information partnered to help create a solution through an innovative battery storing device. 

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"Named to AAAS Community Advisory Board, Lionel Robert, Associate professor." Headshot of Lionel Robert.
Lionel Robert joins AAAS Community Advisory Board

Associate professor Lionel Robert was invited to be an AAAS Community Advisory Board member. The organization works to create an inclusive and welcoming community for scientists and nonscientists alike.

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