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Hope Tambala is using information and AR/VR to turn data into decisions.

What will you change?

Emily Trumpower is using information to help preterm babies get what they need to grow.

What will you change?

Sierre Wolfkostin is using information to make customers' experiences easier and more fun.

What will you change?

Corey S. is using information to ensure that history is forever and for everyone.

What will you change?

Jean Hardy is using information to bring together LGBT people in rural areas.

What will you change?


Denise Anthony
Denise Anthony to chair department at U-M School of Public Health

Denise Anthony has been selected as the next chair of the Department of Health Management and Policy, effective Oct. 1.

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Derek Cooper
Derek Cooper helps health technology clients leverage new imaging data

2007 Master of Science in Information grad Derek Cooper says the program’s emphasis on both hard and soft skills supported his motivation to apply information to customer service.

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Saqib Khanbhai
Saqib Khanbhai: MADS program creates “well-rounded” data scientists

MADS student Saqib Khanbhai is already using the knowledge and skills he’s learning in UMSI’s Master of Applied Data Science program in the real world.

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