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Tyler Musgrave is using information science to reveal how social media shapes perceptions of identity. 

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Jiaxin Pei is using information science to help AI reflect more diverse viewpoints.

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UMSI students are using information science to share collections globally in 3D.

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Aayana Anand is using information science to mitigate health disparities across communities.

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UMSI students are using information science to design a new future for U-M’s historical library.

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UMSI Research Roundup. 10th International Conference on Computational Social Sciences (2024). Check out UMSI faculty and PhD student publications.
UMSI at IC2S2 2024: Posters, Talks and Panels

UMSI research at the IC2S2 2024 conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania July 17-20. 

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Tam Rayan wears a leather jacket and short hair and leans on a railing at the Arab American National Museum.
Tam Rayan and the power of storytelling to document the past

UMSI PhD student Tam Rayan researches how Palestinians in the diaspora engage in memory work and archival practices to document their history. 

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A camera still of four desert bighorn sheep in front of red rocks. Two tilt their horns together, starting directly at the camera.
UMSI students advance wildlife research with motion-sensor camera data

A team of undergraduate students lent their data wrangling skills to Capitol Reef National Park, where cute photos of animals aren’t just for entertainment.  

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