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University of Michigan School of Information


Curtis Hunt

A headshot of Curtis Hunt

My internship experience at the Washtenaw County Historical Society’s Argus Museum was an experience of growing as a professional. I have interned in two different university archeology museum collections, but I had never worked in a smaller museum setting that would show me what life was like in the museum profession outside of academia. I learned what life was like for people that worked under a board of directors and who had to write grants to gain additional funding, which was an aspect of information science that I had never experienced before and something that I had wanted to learn more about in class.  

A shelving unit full of materials from the Argus Museum

The most important part of my internship was my project. I did an inventory check, rehousing and reorganization of the Argus Museum’s military collections of the Argus Camera Company’s military production during World War II. I started my project with the military collection on a whim, but I ended up falling in love with the oddities and the fun I was having just working on my own project with only a guiding hand to ensure I do not get off of course. I completed my project and am working with the Argus Museum to further migrate objects as we organize other aspects of the collection.