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University of Michigan School of Information


Uche Eke

Uche Eke

I worked at a startup company called Fayble. Here, I was an Application Development Summer Intern specializing in the recreation of the sound of sports fans cheering a live sporting event. My initial work was to understand the complex relationship between audio spatial imaging and human perceptions. Following that, I created a system in C++ to emulate the sound landscape of sport stadiums during home and away sporting events based on the real-time status of the fictional game.  

My supervisor was on top of giving me feedback and made sure that I would accomplish my learning objectives. The final learning objective I completed involved giving out a presentation. My presentation was 30 minutes long and my coworkers, project manager, and supervisor loved it. I spoke about the new crowd sounds that are being developed due to COVID-19 and ways of digitizing an audience. This presentation also contained a demo application of my audio manipulation tool that I programmed. This was very exciting because the company Fayble was very up to date and I participated in the innovation. This internship enhanced my knowledge by introducing me to the many different things I can do with coding. Typically, I would use my skills for developing websites or algorithms. With this internship, I developed this application using new frameworks (FMOD) to emulate the sound landscape of sports stadiums. This is important because I am a student athlete (gymnast) at the University of Michigan and this is modeled after sport competitions. This required me to conquer my management skills along with programming to exert persuasive presentations within the company. This is important to me because as companies and sports become more virtual, it is important to maintain the features of an audience.