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University of Michigan School of Information


Why study information?

Icons with skills learned at UMSI

Information professionals unite people, data and technology to make life better.

What does it mean to study “information?" Isn’t everything information? Well, yes. That’s why graduates from the School of Information end up working in so many diverse fields: health care, education, libraries, finance, government, the automotive industry, communication, entertainment — pretty much any field you can imagine. 

Because information is all-pervasive, UMSI’s programs are broadly interdisciplinary. The faculty come from many fields, from computer science to law to social networking to public health. The graduate student body is likewise diverse, representing well over 100 majors.

We answer pressing questions about how technology affects social, cultural, political and commercial life. Breakthroughs bring questions: How will robots programmed with artificial intelligence change the workplace? How do we develop autonomous vehicles that instill trust in both passengers and pedestrians? How can data mined from personal fitness devices improve personal health? Do social networks strengthen or weaken family and community ties? We want to know that and so much more.

In every case we ask: What do people need to improve their lives? How can information help? And how can we design technology to make it happen?

UMSI graduates address the individual, cultural and organizational challenges and opportunities of our information-driven society. They create, store, retrieve, interpret, share and apply information to build a better world.

UMSI graduates are prepared to:

  • Connect people with the right information at the right time
  • Use information to help people achieve their potential and improve their well-being
  • Design solutions to information challenges
  • Harness the power and capacity of information to affect positive change

Whatever your field of interest and whatever your stage of academic career­ — undergraduate, master’s or doctoral — you will find a program tailored to your professional goals in our welcoming community of scholars, colleagues and teachers.

Why study information? Because information changes everything.

What will you change?

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