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University of Michigan School of Information


Mai Nakhala

Mai Nakhala

In summer 2020, I had the opportunity to intern with Genivity, a startup company in Chicago. My internship was remote so I felt this will be very challenging. I started my internship on May 26th and the last day was August 16th, but my internship got extended and I will continue working with them during the winter semester. 

During the first week, I spent a lot of time learning about the company, their customers and products and was assigned very small tasks. At first, I thought one week is more than enough to learn about the company and I was pushing for more tasks. But I realized how important it is to learn about the company very well, that helped to be able to share some ideas and be more creative. Throughout my internship I got the chance to work on a variety of projects, from working on simple designs and developing a style guide, to be able to participate in customer interviews and to conduct usability testing. 

My internship helped me to enhance my interviewing skills, conduct usability testing and how to collaborate with a team in a project from conceptualization to implementation. And how to communicate design ideas and prototypes to developers’ team.