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University of Michigan School of Information


Master of Science in Information (MSI) students

The Master of Science in Information is a professional, interdisciplinary degree that prepares students for a range of information-related careers. Students representing a huge range of personal and educational backgrounds are pursuing their graduate education through this program, focusing on areas like data science and analytics, digital archives and library science, UX research and design, and human computer interaction, among others. 

Hailing from across the US and the globe, students in the MSI program are in many different stages of their academic and professional careers. They have chosen to continue their education at UMSI in order to learn at the forefront of the information science field, and their individual plans for their enhanced skill sets and foundations of knowledge post-graduation range from the entrepreneurial to the academic. These Faces of UMSI profiles will give you an introduction to some of the exceptional personalities in our MSI program. Read about their areas of interest and educational histories, what brought them to U-M (or what kept them here), their most valuable experiences and opportunities, and what they envision doing with their degrees down the line.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to learn about some of our MSI alumni. (Profiles are not routinely updated post-publication.) 

Rachael Zuppke poses in front of an academic building on campus.

Rachael Zuppke is using information science to help Michigan residents navigate the maze of government systems. 

A photo of Clayton Zimmerman sitting in the Computer and Video Game Archive

Video game archivist Clayton Zimmerman is expanding the perception of who, and what, belongs in an archive. 

Kyle Bylin stands on the U-M campus with fall foliage in the background.

Kyle Bylin witnessed the streaming revolution firsthand as a music journalist for Billboard magazine. Now, as an MSI student, he’s studying how people interact with technology.

Allison Thorsen

Allison Thorsen is bringing new life to pieces of the ancient world with her new exhibit, Literature in Fragments: Lost Greek Works at Michigan.

Hope Tambala

Hope Tambala is telling stories through data in order to change health care in the Dominican Republic.

Jaklyn Nunga

Jaklyn Nunga, a Peace Corps volunteer, has returned after spending more than two years growing a community in Ecuador.

JoAnna Lincoln

JoAnna Lincoln is a first responder when it comes to heavily damaged archival materials -- fire, smoke, water, mold, mildew, pests.


Aaron Kosel

Adaeze Ajoku

Adam Levick

Andrew Engel

Alexandra Quay

Alix Keener

Allyson Mackay

Andrea Cluck

Angie Carrier

Ayshwarya Balasubramanian

Brandon Patterson

Caitlin Kelley

Cathy Chow

Celia Mulder

Chad Kijewski

Corey Schmidt

Derek Van Assche

Desiree McLain

Dustin Hodge

Edgar Nuñez

Elizabeth Gadelha

Ellen Range

Elyse Guilfoyle

Florence Noel

Isabel Gao

Izhar Buendia

Jackie Cohen

Jake Silva

Jarrett Drake

Jason Smith

Jessamine Bartley-Matthews

Jodee Jernigan

Joe Soonthornsawad

John Simpkins

Jola Bolaji

Kangning Chen

Kathy Kosinski

Kimberly Springer

Krishna Vadrevu

Kristen Sheppard

Lan VoBa

Lily Samimi

MacKenzie DeWitt

Madel Leal

Mandy Wortz

Matt Garvin

Matthew Cloutier

Maura Youngman

Mayank Khanna

Meg Morrissey

Meg Young

Micah Linnemeier

Michael Wayne Harris

Miriely Guerrero

Nate Oostendorp

Nick Murray

Nikki Roda

Novia Wong

Omid Farivar

Patrick Galligan 

Priya Kumar

Rachel McCoucha

Rob Thomas

Rohit Mogalayapalli

Salma Siddiqui

Samarth Gulati

Sarah Lebovitz

Sarah Wingo

Saskia DeVries

Shelle Hyde

Siddharth Soni

Sofia Gutierrez

Soma Ray

Stephanie Wooten

Stephen Liu

Sylvie Zhang

Thais Gonzalez

Tim Yoo

Trisha Gupta

Uche Eke

Xiaohan Yu

Yanqi Wu 

Yi Zhou

Zoë Wilkinson Saldaña