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Media Mentions

Quoted by Forbed. Professor Cliff Lampe. Not the Reich stuff? Trump campaign pulled controversial video.

Lampe: Trump’s campaign is leaning into disinformation


UMSI professor Cliff Lampe discusses the impact of Donald Trump’s erratic political campaign.

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Featured by Detroit PBS. Associate professor David Jurgens. University of Michigan creates AI tools for campus, students.

Jurgens: U-M is taking the lead on creating AI tools for faculty, students


Through his course Using AI Effectively Jurgens is allowing students to use AI as a tool rather than a replacement for learning.

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UMSI News in large, bold text with a backdrop of students walking to a building.

How much influence does social media have on India's ongoing elections?


UMSI associate professor Joyojeet Pal talks about the significant impact of social media in India's upcoming election. 

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Quoted by BBC. Associate Professor Joyojeet Pal. The influencers driving India's big election.

Pal: India’s election is being swayed by influencers


UMSI associate professor Joyojeet Pal says social media trends in India’s upcoming elections are “dangerous for democracy.” 

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TikTok: U-M experts available as the clock ticks on social media sale or ban


UMSI experts are available to comment on TikTok's uncertain future in the United States. 

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Featured by Michigan Public. Assistant Professor Patricia Garcia. How are algorithms impacting our lives?

Patricia Garcia wants you to understand how algorithms affect your life


Garcia discusses the decisions “low-tech algorithms” are making for us and helps “Stateside” listeners better understand what algorithms are. 

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UMSI News.

Keeping up with the Joneses? When it comes to getting better grades, it's good to be the Andersons


A new study co-authored by UMSI doctoral candidate Jiaxin Pei finds students with a last name starting with A, B or C receive higher grades on Canvas assignments. 

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Quoted by Bridge Michigan. Professor Mark Ackerman. Professor Kentaro Toyama. MSU adding AI surveillance to detect threats, count people. UMSI.

New surveillance system at Michigan State University is raising privacy concerns


University of Michigan School of Information professors Mark Ackerman and Kentaro Toyama say AI-based surveillance systems may demonstrate implicit bias and be overly relied on by police. 

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Quoted by Inside Higher Ed. Research Professor Stephanie Teasley. Scaling up: Using student data to motivate academic achievement.

Teasley: Data enhances student learning and motivations


UMSI research professor Stephanie Teasley talks about why learning analytics give students control over their success. 

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Quoted by Government Technology. Assistant Professor Nazanin Andalibi. What will the EU AI Act mean for Ed Tech in the U.S.?

Andalibi: The use of emotion-recognition technologies in the workplace is harming employees


Nazanin Andalibi says emotion-recognition AI in the workplace harms worker well-being, performance  and infringes on their privacy. 

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