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University of Michigan School of Information


Louis B. Rosenfeld

A headshot of Louis B. Rosenfeld

Louis B. Rosenfeld earned his BA in history from the University of Michigan in 1987 and his Master's in library science from the University of Michigan School of Information in 1990.

Along with Peter Morville, he was the co-founder of Argus Associates, one of the first firms devoted exclusively to the practice of information architecture. The consulting firm was at the forefront of the nascent field of information architecture until the Dot-com bubble of 2001. 

Rosenfeld and Morville are co-authors of the “bible” of information architecture: Information Architecture for the World Wide Web (O’Reilly, 3rd edition, 2006). 

With Christina Wodtke, Rosenfeld founded the Information Architecture Institute in 2002 and is a member of its Advisory Board. In 2005 he founded Rosenfeld Media, a user experience-focused publishing house based in New York. He was also co-founder of the User Experience Network (UXnet).

Rosenfeld played a leading role in organizing and programming the first three information architecture conferences (both ASIS&T Summits and IA 2000). He also presents and moderates at such venues as CHI, COMDEX, Intranets and the web design conferences produced by Miller Freeman, C|net and Thunder Lizard. He teaches tutorials as part of the Nielsen Norman Group User Experience Conference.

In 2008, UMSI presented him with an Alumni Achievement Award.