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University of Michigan School of Information


Master of Science in Information and JD

The MSI/JD is arranged so that it can be completed in four years (or eight terms) of enrollment.

Students admitted to this dual degree program must satisfy the following requirements:

All requirements for the MSI plus UMSI electives totaling a minimum of 33 SI credits, which includes:

  • Mastery course* (3 credits) or master’s thesis (6 credits)
  • UMSI Internship Program (6 credits)
  • Elective credits to reach 33 total SI credits

*Students should note that mastery courses have a series of prerequisite courses that must be taken in advance of the mastery course and require advanced planning

All requirements for the JD, including a minimum of 71 credits toward the JD through courses taken in the Law School.

The total credit hours for the dual degree must be at least 104.