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University of Michigan School of Information


Master of Science in Information and Master of Social Work

The School of Information and the School of Social Work offer a dual degree program that enables qualified students to pursue concurrent work in information and social work, leading to the Master of Science in Information (MSI) and the Master of Social Work (MSW).

The MSI/MSW is arranged so that it can be completed in three years.

Students choosing the Master of Science in Information and Master of Social Work dual degree program observe the following guidelines:

All requirements for the MSI plus UMSI electives totaling 39 SI credits, which includes:

  • Mastery course* (3 credits) or master’s thesis (6 credits)
  • UMSI Internship Program (6 credits)
  • Elective credits to reach 39 total SI credits

*Students should note that mastery courses have a series of prerequisite courses that must be taken in advance of the mastery course and require advanced planning

All requirements for the MSW, including a minimum of 45 SSW credits.

The total credit hours for the dual degree must be at least 90.

To be eligible for the MSI/MSW program, students must apply for and be admitted to each program individually. Applications may be submitted to the programs concurrently, or students may apply to the second program after enrolling in the first.