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Sylvie Antal

Sylvie Antal

I am a rising senior at the University of Michigan pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Information with a concentration in Social Media Analysis and Design. This summer, I worked as a Technology and Solutions Writer intern at The Borgen Project, where I researched the current use of emerging technologies in developing countries and how they are being applied towards poverty reduction. My tasks were focused on understanding the potential benefits and disruptions that new technologies can cause in the field of international development. I learned about industry forecasting and trend analysis, as well as considering the implications of a new technology and the social or economic impacts of its integration within a particular population or region. Over the course of my internship I wrote 15 articles for the organization’s online publication and strengthened my analytical writing skills. The final part of my internship involved developing a fundraising strategy for poverty reduction centered legislative reform efforts, and I was able to raise over $500. Overall I improved my research and writing skills and gained an understanding of the work environment of a large non-profit, despite working remotely.

A screenshot of an article titled Using Geospatial Mapping Technology for Social Good