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University of Michigan School of Information


PhD in Information students

UMSI doctoral students begin working on research, both learning the methods and beginning their work on actual projects, from the first day they arrive. We believe our doctoral students are colleagues from the start. Our program is selective, so those students who join us are those we believe have the potential to do meaningful, in-depth scholarly study the moment they begin the program.

Our students conduct impressive research and enjoy high-profile opportunities for presentation and publication. These Faces of UMSI profiles will give you an introduction to your future colleagues and allow you to learn more about their accomplishments, research and philosophies. Read about their areas of interest and educational histories, what brought them to U-M (or what kept them here), their most valuable experiences and opportunities, and what they appreciate most about working at the forefront of the information field every day. 

Scroll to the bottom of the page to learn about some of our PhD alumni. (Alumni profiles are not routinely updated post-publication.)

Cindy Lin


Cindy Lin is taking an interdisciplinary, international and intergenerational perspective while bringing science and biohacking to makerspaces.



Megh Marathe


Megh Marathe researches how people with epilepsy come together in online communities to construct notions of time.




Carl C. Haynes is using information to improve students' learning.

Allison Tyler wants to make it easier for researchers to access information repositories, revolutionizing the way researchers reuse data.

Brad Iott is studying how data about social determinants of health are standardized and collected in clinical care.

Chanda Phelan is working to close socioeconomic gaps by studying how technological advancement is linked to career success. 

Chiao-Yin "Joey" Hsiao is exploring how social apps can help immigrants transition and meet people in the US. 

Danaja Maldeniya is scouring Twitter for sentiments from survivors of natural disasters.

Edward L. Platt is studying how Wikipedians collaborate and improve articles.

Hariharan Subramonyam is tapping into an artistic vision while pursuing research in data visualization. 

Harmanpreet Kaur wants to make human-AI teams more effective.

Heeryung Choi is striving toward equity in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). 

Jeremy York is interested in how people ⁠make decisions about what to collect and preserve and how that informs our self- and worldview.

Jiaqi Ma is using machine learning models for unstructured data, specifically graphs and text data.

Lindsay Blackwell is looking at how parents and families use social media and what makes online communities supportive or abusive. 

Linfeng Li wants to understand how individuals make decisions under the influence of the fundamental elements of modern society. 

Mohamed Abbadi is researching prejudice against Muslim and Middle Eastern people in domestic and international settings, looking for ways to reduce its incidence. 

Pei-Yao Hung is using his human computer interaction education to make it easier for people to connect and learn from each other. 

Rasha Alahmad is focusing on IT theory to learn about how individuals identify themselves with technology at work. 

Shiqing "Licia" He is blending her passions for art and math as she learns to turn data into stunning graphic visualizations. 

Shiyan Yan is evaluating crowdsourced citizen science data. 

Shriti Raj is devising ways to improve the design of informatics tools to help people manage chronic health conditions. 

Teng Ye focuses on virtual collaboration, the sharing economy and crowdsourcing using both experimental approaches and machine learning methods. 

Tsuyoshi Kano is employing information and communication technology (ICT) to positively impact economic growth in developing countries. 

Yingzhi Liang is maximizing social welfare through mechanism design. 

Zhewei Song conducts research in behavioral economics, a "young discipline" whose insights into information, psychology and sociology captured his interest as an undergraduate.


Adam Kriesberg

Allan Martell

Allen Flynn

Andrea Barbarin

Carol Moser 

Cheng Li

Chuan-Che Jeff Huang

Chun-Yuen Teng

Daphne Chang

Devan Donaldson

Dharma Akmon

Elizabeth Kaziunas

Elizabeth Whittaker

Fangzhou "Ark" Zhang

Gaurav Paruthi

Jean Hardy

Jasmine Jones

Karina Kervin

Kathleen Fear

Melissa Chalmers

Morgan Daniels

Pablo Quinones

Padma Chirumamilla

Penny Trieu

Priyank Chandra

Rebecca Frank

Rohail Syed

Samuel Carton

Sangseok You

SungJin Nam

Tamy Guberek

Tao Dong

Tawfiq Ammari

Trond Jacobsen

Tzu-Yu (Danny) Wu

Wei Ai

Wenjing (Carrie) Xu

Xuan Zhao

Yan Chen

Youyang Hou

Yu-Jen Lin