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University of Michigan School of Information


Master of Health Informatics (MHI) students

The Master of Health Informatics is an interdisciplinary program offered by the School of Information, the School of Public Health and the Medical School. This unique combination of disciplines offers students an unparalleled education that combines the practical and theoretical knowledge needed for a successful career in this burgeoning field. The MHI is an especially attractive option for individuals who are interested in leadership roles in health management, consulting or systems implementation. 

 These Faces of UMSI profiles will give you an introduction to some of our dedicated and versatile MHI students coming from backgrounds in technology, public health, sociology, medicine and beyond. Their aspirations are as wide-ranging as their backgrounds, but they share a common denominator: they chose to train at the intersection of health, technology and medicine in order to be as fully equipped as possible to evaluate the entire health care landscape and improve health outcomes for others. Read about their areas of interest and educational histories, what brought them to U-M (or what kept them here), their most valuable experiences and opportunities, and what they envision doing with their degrees down the line.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to learn about some of our MHI alumni. (Profiles are not routinely updated post-publication.) 

A photo of Ambar Amoros-Gomez standing on the Diag wearing a U-M sweatshirt, with a hammock visible in the background

Ambar Amoros-Gomez is exploring overlooked issues in medicine. Her ultimate goal? "Making sure that people of color are getting the treatment that they deserve.” 

An image of Christine Carethers standing on campus surrounded by fall foliage, wearing a U-M t-shirt and a red bandana

Christine Carethers is using data to visualize new possibilities for patients and clinicians at Michigan Medicine.

Emmi Carr

Emmi Carr is leveraging her place at UMSI to seize the school’s cutting edge courses and extraordinary professional internships, including one that led to a full time job offer in her field. 

Kayj Garrison

Kayj Garrison is humanizing public health with a holistic approach.

Emily Trumpower

Emily Trumpower is learning how to use data analytics to improve NICU care.

John O'Malley

John O'Malley is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer seeking to become a major contributor in oral health analytics.

Faith Reynolds

Faith Reynolds is a Big Ten Distinguished Scholar on track to an MHI.

Graphic featuring Jacque Adams headshot and the text: "Faces of UMSI"

For Jacque Adams, UM's Spring 2021 graduation is a family affair.


Alexis Villafranca

Andy Lee

Anjan Banerjee 

Ann Duong

Anna Myers

Audrey Goulding

Dane Jacobsen

Danielle Culberson

DJ Petrovic

Dolorence Okullo

Eric Pfeifer

Etiowo Usoro

Jeremy Griswold

Joel Adu-Brimpong

Katherine James

Kathleen Marinan

Lindsay Virost

Nithya Rajendran

Olubisi Ajetunmobi

Pritika Dasgupta

Sean Doolan

Tawny Apsley and Michelle Bochinski

Veena Panicker

Wenbo Yang