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University of Michigan School of Information


Process to enroll in UMSI classes

We encourage all University of Michigan students to participate in School of Information (UMSI) classes* when there are seats available. If you would like to take a UMSI course, please follow the appropriate process detailed below. If you have additional questions after reading through the information provided, please email [email protected]

Overrides for Bachelor of Science in Information (BSI) students interested in graduate-level UMSI classes and for non-UMSI students interested in any UMSI classes will likely be processed in late-July through mid-September for Fall term courses, or late-December and throughout January for Winter term courses. Please be patient as overrides are completely dependent on space available in the class. This could be very quick for some classes and very late for others. 

If you receive an override permission, you will be sent an automated email which includes the expiration date. Please watch closely for this email and take action to register for this course immediately. If you do not register for the class before the permission expires, you will lose your ability to register and your spot on the waitlist. If you miss your opportunity to register for the class, you are welcome to re-register for the waitlist or fill out the waitlist form again.

If you are taking classes outside of your home school or college, we recommend that you connect with your respective academic advisor to confirm how it may impact your academic planning and progress toward degree.

* While we welcome all students to take SI classes, there is a short list of courses that are specifically designed for students within the SI program and are not open to students in other programs. These courses are for internships (SI 300, SI 390, SI 505, SI 681, SI 688, SI 690,) cohort specific (SI 302, SI 305, SI 307, SI 701 SI 705) and capstones: (SI 405, SI 407, SI 485, SI 487,  SI 697, SI 698). 

Students completed a UMSI minor should see additional registration details here: Registration Information for UMSI Minors

SI 106 & SI 110:

These courses do not have enforced prerequisites or class associated requirements. You may register directly for your preferred section or its waitlist in Wolverine Access. 

SI courses with shadow sections:

Offered Winter 2024: 339, 422, 429, 504, 506, 507, 554, 564, 618, 630, 649, 664

These courses have a shadow section (1XX) for non-UMSI students that corresponds to every standard 0XX section. This is used only for administrative purposes - they are the same class. If you have completed the prerequisites for a course listed above, you can register directly within Wolverine Access for the class or waitlist using the 1XX section.

To find these shadow sections, you may need to uncheck the “Show Open Classes Only” box if you are searching for classes on the Class Search/Browse Catalog page in Wolverine Access. Be sure to turn on the waitlist option when adding the course to your backpack. Do this by selecting the checkbox next to “Waitlist if class is full” on the Enrollment: Add Classes page in Wolverine Access. You will not be able to check the “Waitlist if class is full” box once the class is in your backpack.

**If you have not fulfilled the prerequisites for the course listed above, you can follow the instructions below “for all other UMSI courses” to be added to the google waitlist. 

For all other UMSI courses:

Please complete the Winter 2024 SI Course Registration Waitlist Form for each class you would like to enroll in. If the course has enforced prerequisites, the form will allow you to explain how you have fulfilled the prerequisites or are otherwise prepared to take the course. 

When you submit the form, your information will be recorded and timestamped. The timestamp will be used to identify your position on the waitlist but other form fields will also be considered when necessary for prioritizing overrides.  The time and date of a submission is used to determine waitlist order. If a duplicate request is submitted, the initial request will be voided and the most recent request timestamp will be used for placement in the waitlist order. 

If you receive an error when trying to access the form, make sure you are logged in with only your U-M email address. Try logging out of all Gmail accounts and then logging back in with only your U-M email address.


You do not need to seek permission from the instructor unless specifically directed to do so. Override permissions to register for a class are granted based on availability of seats in a class and waitlist position - getting on the waitlist or receiving instructor permission does not guarantee you will be issued an override to register.