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University of Michigan School of Information


Master of Applied Data Science (MADS) students

The Master of Applied Data Science welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds. We offer an agile curriculum that suits a wide range of applicants, including those who are returning to school full-time to pursue advanced study in data science and those who will complete their degrees while working part- or full-time.

Our MADS students study data science from across the country and the globe while managing all kinds of life and career circumstances. These Faces of UMSI profiles will introduce you to students who are parents, full-time employees, entrepreneurs, athletes and more -- and each individual has a unique perspective to offer as a member of the first cohort of UMSI's MADS program. Read about our students' areas of interests and educational histories and how they balance coursework as full- or part-time students. In their own words, they'll describe their experience in the online classroom and the advantages of being a U-M student with full access to university and school resources up to thousands of miles off-campus. 

(Alumni profiles are not routinely updated post-publication.)

Ayansola Akanmu


Ayansola Akanmu envisions using his education to work on real-life applications of machine learning and computer vision.




Carlo Tak


Carlo Tak is a data scientist from South Africa who is boundlessly curious about his own field.




Jenna Mekled


Jenna Mekled is leaning into a career shift from auditor to data analyst in business and accounting.




Stacey Beck


Stacey Beck is a new mom and a licensed physical therapist interested in how data can generate solutions to real-world health problems.



Ani Madurkar


Ani Madurkar is a data analyst who found a passion for data science while working in a neuroscience research lab.




For Nick Capaldini, finding community has been at the heart of his UMSI experience. 

Tony Purkal chose to pursue his MADS degree at Michigan because the flexible format allows him to continue working full-time as a health science data analyst.

Anthony Giove is building and adding to his data science toolkit as a professional software developer while pursuing a passion in sports analytics at the same time.

Brad Thompson is looking forward to gaining a nuanced understanding of technological evolutions in a field he's worked in for decades. 

Brooke Hawkins is is bringing her affinity for ecology to UMSI as a MADS student.

Daeryong Seo is a professional data scientist driven by a sense of service and responsibility in his work with dangerous computational algorithms and social issues.

Ermias Bizuwork is a self-starter looking for a challenge as he continues his data science education.

Kyle Balog has chosen to Go Blue for a second time as he supplements a bachelor's in industrial and operations engineering with data science studies.

Rachell Calhoun wants to develop software that will help healthcare providers practice more inclusive data science.

Manel Mahroug is a full-time mom and biologist by training who wants to use machine learning to improve patient care.

Nesma Silman has found that data science can play an important role in the customer satisfaction experience.