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University of Michigan School of Information


Student employment

Nearly 100% of UMSI students seeking part-time positions secure them before or within the first two weeks of the term they enroll in. UMSI’s Career Development Office offers direct assistance to incoming and current students with securing relevant part-time employment within UMSI, on campus and/or in the local community. Part-time positions are posted on the iTrack job and internship finder.

The U-M Library hires students to work in the Graduate, Undergraduate and divisional libraries (not including the Law and Business School libraries). Apply at the Library Human Resources Office, 404 Hatcher North (734-764-2546). If you are interested in working at either the Business or Law School libraries, you need to apply to those libraries directly. Most students work in student assistant positions that pay hourly rates but do not provide tuition reimbursement.

Students who apply for need-based aid through the U-M Office of Financial Aid may be eligible for work-study funding as part of their need-based financial aid package. A work-study award gives eligible students the opportunity to earn funds from part-time work for employers who qualify for the Work-Study Program under federal or state guidelines. The Student Employment Office in the Student Activities Building posts work-study positions and others for students.

Some students work in full- or part-time positions at the university while attending UMSI. U-M job postings are available online, and openings support online applications.

Some students take assistantships that pay for teaching, research and other duties. For more information, see our GSI/GSRA opportunity page.