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University of Michigan School of Information


Louise Jaemin Lee

Louise Jaemin Lee standing under a neon sign that says Achieve Ambitions

Situated in the melting pot of Singapore, I was exposed to myriads of diverse solutions in the technological industry. As a Digital Adoption intern at JLL/T (Jones Lang LaSalle Technologies) under the leasing engineering department, my role was to conduct UX research, participate in user testing and design wireframes to identify essential workflows for their broker-based software. Coming into this 10 week program I had three goals: expand my network, build relationships with my fellow colleagues and upgrade my research and design skills—all of which were successfully achieved. Being in a company that embraced diversity and inclusion, it strengthened my finesse in all of these areas, but most importantly, allowed me to understand myself. I have developed a greater appreciation for user-centered attitudes and manifesting an open mind. Because collaboration is an integral part of the UX process, it is imperative to communicate and listen. This journey has given me the opportunity to objectively see where I stand as a user-centered agile developer, directing me to the points where I can continually improve. It is safe to say that I have definitely grown both personally and professionally. The company has pushed me to achieve ambitions as I strive throughout my career.

Louise Jaemin Lee sitting under a JLL sign