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University of Michigan School of Information


Isa Pocan

Isa Pocan in front of a river and a bridge

My role at CareerMap was to do data cleaning and analysis and to create databases. I worked directly with the CEO, president, product manager and data analyst. 

During my internship experience with CareerMap, I was able to improve my data science, coding and business skills. I brought the idea of NLP analysis and I analyzed the resume data of UMSI graduates and conducted an NLP analysis of people’s job descriptions for different groups of persona, industry and gender types. I brought the idea of using the Jupyter notebook to make data science projects more manageable and scalable. When I was analyzing Art & Design cohorts, I realized that the parser product we use doesn’t parse the information from PDF format files as accurately. I identified the parser errors and reported them to the product development team to fix. 

In conclusion, my experience with CareerMap was crucial in my development as a data scientist. I will take the lessons and skills I learned and apply them to my next position.