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University of Michigan School of Information


DS/CSS Seminar: Veronica Perez-Rosas

01/21/2021, 12:00 pm - 01:00 pm

Developing Natural Language Processing Tools for Enhanced Psychotherapy

In recent years there has been an increasing need for psychotherapy to address a wide variety of behavioral and mental health issues. Meeting this need has become a significant challenge as the current mental health workforce is unable to cope with the demand as a new counselor’s training relies heavily on human supervision and interaction. In this talk, I will present work towards developing NLP tools that can provide support and supervision during counseling interactions in a timely and scalable fashion. In particular, I will describe a counseling dialog system that provides language feedback to counseling trainees using the pretrained transformer architecture and context augmentation techniques inspired by traditional strategies used during counseling training.

Speaker Bio

Veronica Perez-Rosas

Veronica Perez-Rosas is an assistant research scientist in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan. Her research interests include machine learning, natural language processing, computational linguistics, affect recognition, and multimodal analysis of human behavior. Her research focuses on developing computational methods to analyze, recognize, and predict human affective responses during social interactions. She has authored papers in leading conferences and journals in Natural Language Processing and Computational linguistics and served as a program committee member for multiple international journals and conferences in the same fields.


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