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University of Michigan School of Information


Information Changes Everything Camp

“Information Changes Everything Camp. In-person summer camp for rising 10th & 11th grade students. July 10-13, 2023.” School of Information and Wolverine Pathways logos. Graphic of a T-shirt with “Information changes everything camp” design on front.

07/10/2023 10:00 a.m. - 07/13/2023 2:30 p.m.
North Quad Space 2435

What is information?  Isn’t everything information?  Well, yes. That’s why graduates from the School of Information end up working in so many diverse fields: health care, education, libraries, finance, government, the automotive industry, communication, entertainment — pretty much any field you can imagine. 

We answer pressing questions about how technology affects social, cultural, political and commercial life. Breakthroughs bring questions: How will robots programmed with artificial intelligence change the workplace? How do we develop autonomous vehicles that instill trust in both passengers and pedestrians? How can data mined from personal fitness devices improve personal health? Do social networks strengthen or weaken family and community ties? We want to know that and so much more.

The Information Changes Everything Camp will expose students to how information science can be used to address important questions about our society including human health, the natural environment, and the role of algorithms and online communities in shaping our perceptions. Students will learn about concepts and tools such as design thinking and culturally situated design tools, exploring how these and other tools can be used to develop creative and inclusive solutions to scientific questions and social issues. 

By participating in this camp, students will gain an appreciation for how information science provides a new way to address our world’s challenges, plus the skills that they will need to build to become information scientists. In addition, students will learn about the number of career options within the field of information science and the pathways to earning a Bachelor of Science in Information. 

Program goals:  

  1. Create excitement for the field of information science 
  2. Support students’ post-secondary decision-making by increasing awareness of the field of information science and the multiple pathways to the Bachelor of Science in Information