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University of Michigan School of Information


SBEE seminar series: Jean-Paul Carvalho

01/27/2021, 01:00 pm - 02:15 pm

 Identity and Underrepresentation: Interactions between Race and Gender


(with Bary Pradelski)

Economic outcomes vary significantly across socio-demographic groups. In a model of multi-dimensional identity, we show how economic underrepresentation can evolve through identity-specific norms. Whereas standard approaches treat identity dimensions as independent, our analysis reveals deep connections between inequality and underrepresentation based on race, gender and other characteristics. 'Sterilized interventions'
along a single identity dimension are impossible. Interventions that aim to reduce underrepresentation along one identity dimension can increase underrepresentation along another. We show how underrepresentation can be eliminated along every dimension, through a system of (a) self-financing subsidies or (b) role models, where interventions are connected across identity dimensions.

Speaker Bio:


Jean-Paul Carvalho is an economist working in the fields of political economy and social dynamics. He is an Associate Professor of Economics (primary) and Logic & Philosophy of Science (courtesy) at the University of California-Irvine, where he teaches game theory and political economy. He has been a visiting scholar at Harvard, Oxford, NYU, Stanford, and Warwick.

Underlying economic performance is the social ecology in which economic and political decisions are made, composed of social norms, culturally transmitted preferences and belief systems, and groups and networks. These social institutions in turn evolve in response to political-economic conditions. He studies this co-evolutionary process using models of population dynamics, which leads him to draw upon and contribute to a number of emerging fields, including the economics of identity, the economics of cultural transmission, and the economics of religion.

He was educated at the University of Oxford (DPhil, MPhil, Monash scholar) and the University of Western Australia.


The Social, Behavioral and Experimental Economics seminar series is a joint presentation of the School of Information, the Ross School of Business and the Department of Economics (LSA). 

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