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University of Michigan School of Information


SBEE seminar series: Oriana Bandiera

01/20/2021, 01:00 pm - 02:15 pm

The Misallocation of Women’s Talent Across Countries: Evidence from Personnel Data


Women labor force participation varies widely: in Pakistan one worker in five is a woman, in Sweden every other worker is. We study the effect of these differences on the misallocation of talent. To do so, we first show that selection into the labor force is positive, namely, the higher the barrier the more able the women who work and then use personnel data of a global MNE to estimate a structural model of pay setting within the firm, allowing the parameters to respond to local conditions. We show that the average ability of women in the workforce is higher than men’s and the ratio is largest where LFP is lower. We quantify the role of social norms and discuss policy alternatives. (Ashraf, Bandiera, Minni, Quintas-Martinez)

Speaker Bio:

Oriana Bandiera

Oriana Bandiera is the Sir Anthony Atkinson Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics, and a fellow of the British Academy, the Econometric Society, CEPR, BREAD and IZA.  She is co-editor of Econometrica, vice-president of the European Economic Association, and director of the Gender, Growth and Labour Markets in Low-Income Countries (G²LM|LIC) programme.  She serves on the council of the Econometric Society, on the board of the International Growth Centre and as vice-president of the Collegio Carlo Alberto. Her research focuses on how monetary incentives and social relationships interact to shape individual choices within organisations, how this shapes labor markets, the allocation of talent and, ultimately, living standards. 


The Social, Behavioral and Experimental Economics seminar series is a joint presentation of the School of Information, the Ross School of Business and the Department of Economics (LSA). 

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