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Andalibi: The use of emotion-recognition technologies in the workplace is harming employees

Quoted by Government Technology. Assistant Professor Nazanin Andalibi. What will the EU AI Act mean for Ed Tech in the U.S.?

Friday, 03/29/2024

In early March, the European Union approved new regulations on artificial intelligence technologies and their uses in government, healthcare, education and employment sectors. 

The regulations may inspire domestic policy changes in the U.S. 

University of Michigan School of Information assistant professor Nazanin Andalibi is hoping more is done to curb a current trend of workplace surveillance in the U.S. Based on her research on emotion-recognition AI, Andalibi says the use of these technologies is worrisome in light of privacy concerns. 

“I would love to see the U.S. moving in this direction,” she says. “The harms of emotion-recognition technologies to workers would include harms to qualities like privacy and well-being, as well as harm to workers’ performance and employment status [and concerns about] bias, discrimination and stigma in the workplace.”


Read “What Will the EU AI Act Mean for Ed Tech in the U.S.?” at Government Technology. 

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— Noor Hindi, UMSI public relations specialist