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University of Michigan School of Information


Fall in love with UMSI’s new seasonal Zoom backgrounds

Zoom background featuring scene of Delhi Rapids surrounded by fall foliage, with Block M and UMSI in upper left corner.

Friday, 10/14/2022

As fall paints Ann Arbor red, turn over a new leaf with the University of Michigan School of Information’s new seasonally themed campus virtual backgrounds. 

Zoom’s virtual background feature has proven to be a popular and important tool throughout the pandemic, helping users protect their privacy and personalize their look in virtual meetings and classes. UMSI has been publishing campus virtual backgrounds since March 2020. Find the archive here. 

Our new fall Zoom backgrounds feature scenes from around Ann Arbor: E. Washington Street, Afternoon Delight Café, Delhi Rapids and Barton Pond.

Download all of UMSI’s fall Zoom backgrounds here: 

To use the backgrounds: 

Be sure to download your preferred image from the link above. (Don’t just save the image from the webpage, or you'll find that the image doesn't fit properly.) In Zoom, click the gear icon to view your preferences and select the “Background and Filters” option. You will see a selection of default options, and a "+" button above the top right option. Click it to select and upload your selection. Your new background is all set!

Screenshot from Zoom Background & Filters menu shows options when “Virtual Backgrounds” is selected, including “None” and pre-loaded virtual background options. A red arrow points to a small “+” button to the upper right of the pre-loaded virtual background options.
Click the "+" to select and upload your downloaded background.
Screenshot from Zoom preference menu shows following options in descending order. “General. Video. Audio. Share Screen. Background & Filters. Recording. Profile.” Background & Filters option is highlighted with a red arrow pointing to it.
Select "Background and Filters" in Zoom's preferences.








Martha Spall, UMSI writer