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Hardy, Lindtner win honorable mention at CSCW

Thursday, 02/23/2017

UMSI faculty and doctoral students will be presenting workshops, posters and papers on their research at the Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW) conference in Portland, Oregon the week of February 25.

UMSI doctoral student Jean Hardy and assistant professor Silvia Lindtner received an honorable mention award for their paper “Constructing a Desiring User: Discourse, Rurality, and Design in Location-Based Social Networks.” The paper will be presented during the Locations and Relations session on Monday, February 27.

CSCW is the premier venue for presenting research in the design and use of technologies that affect groups, organizations, communities, and networks. It brings together top researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to explore the technical, social, material, and theoretical challenges of designing technology to support collaborative work and life activities.

Names of UMSI-affiliated presenters are in bold.

Workshops, Saturday, February 25
Crowdsourcing Law and Policy: A Design-Thinking Approach to Crowd-Civic Systems - Brian McInnis, Alissa Centivany, Juho Kim, Marta Poblet, Karen Levy, Gilly Leshed

CSCW in China and Beyond - Ning Gu, Xianghua (Sharon) Ding, Tun Lu, Mark S. Ackerman

Workshops, Sunday, February 26
Reflections on Design Methods for Underserved Communities - Tawanna R. Dillahunt, Sheena Erete, Roxana Galusca, Aarti Israni, Denise Nacu, Phoebe Sengers

Conceptualizing, Creating, & Controlling Constructive and Controversial Comments: A CSCW Research-athon - Eric Gilbert, Cliff Lampe, Alex Leavitt, Katherine Lo, Lana Yarosh

Monday, February 27
Honorable Mention SIGCHI “Constructing a Desiring User: Discourse, Rurality, and Design in Location-Based Social Networks” - Jean Hardy, Silvia Lindtner

“People-Nearby Applications: How Newcomers Move Their Relationships Offline and Develop Social and Cultural Capital” - Joey Chiao-Yin Hsiao, Tawanna R. Dillahunt

“Personalized Feedback Versus Money: The Effect on Reliability of Subjective Data in Online Experimental Platforms” - Teng Ye, Katharina Reinecke, Lionel P. Robert, Jr.

Poster Session
“Beyond Questioning and Answering: Teens' Learning Experiences and Benefits of Social Q&A Services” - Soo Young Rieh, Erik Choi, Katie Sagan, Jennifer Colby

Tuesday, February 28
“The Crafting of DIY Fatherhood” - Tawfiq Ammari, Sarita Schoenebeck, Silvia Lindtner

“Does Collectivism Inhibit Individual Creativity? The Effects of Collectivism and Perceived Diversity on Individual Creativity and Satisfaction in Virtual Ideation Teams” - Teng Ye, Lionel P. Robert, Jr.

Wednesday, March 1
“KidKeeper: Design for Capturing Audio Mementos of Everyday Life for Parents of Young Children” – Jasmine Jones, David Merritt, Mark S Ackerman

“Kurator: Using The Crowd to Help Families With Personal Curation Tasks” – David Merritt, Jasmine Jones, Mark S Ackerman, Walter Lasecki

“Caring Through Data: Attending to the Social and Emotional Experiences of Health Datafication” – Elizabeth Kaziunas, Mark Ackerman, Silvia Lindtner, Joyce Lee

“Information Work in Bone Marrow Transplant: Reducing Misalignment of Perspectives” - Ayse Büyüktür, Mark Ackerman

“Beyond Health Literacy: Supporting Patient–Provider Communication during an Emergency Visit” -  Sun Young Park, Yunan Chen, Shriti Raj


- UMSI News Service