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Hickok: When it comes to AI, companies will “push for profit over rights”

Quoted by Wired. Intermittent lecturer Merve Hickok. Chatbots got big—And their ethical red flags got bigger.

Friday, 02/17/2023

Artificial intelligence is making big waves in the tech world. As companies push to integrate AI into the everyday practices of consumers, questions of ethics, biases and government regulation abound. 

A new story on Wired explores these tensions and talks with University of Michigan School of Information intermittent lecturer in information Merve Hickok. Hickok is an expert in AI bias and AI policy and governance.

“Some things need to be mandated because we have seen over and over again that if not mandated, these companies continue to break things and continue to push for profit over rights, and profit over communities,” Hickok says.


Read “Chatbots Got Big—and Their Ethical Red Flags Got Bigger” on Wired. 

Learn more about Hickok’s research on AI bias and social justice at UMSI