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Lindtner: What might be OK on Chinese social media today is not OK tomorrow

"Quoted by Foreign Policy Online. Associate Professor Silvia Lindtner. China's Social Media Explosion."  UMSI logo. Headshot of Silvia Lindtner.

Wednesday, 11/17/2021

In October, LinkedIn was the last major U.S. social media platform operating in China to announce its departure from the country, reports Foreign Policy Online. But it’s no great loss for many Chinese social media users, who have a vast, dynamic social media ecosystem at their fingertips unparalleled in the Western world. 

“In China, social media is deeply and fundamentally integrated with many other platforms, be that payment or food delivery or banking or navigating the city,” says UMSI associate professor Silvia Lindtner

However, Chinese social media platforms like WeChat and Weibo have been the target of increasingly harsh restrictions and censorship as part of the Chinese Communist Party’s ongoing push to shape behavior and social norms.

You're never quite certain of the exact rules. They change, they shift. What might be OK today is not OK tomorrow. There's this constant push and pull where people are kind of testing out how far they can go.


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