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Schaub: If you care about privacy breaches and personal data, you need a password manager

Quoted by Engadget. Professor Florian Schaub. The best password managers for 2023.

Monday, 06/05/2023

Passwords protect personal information. Unfortunately, humans aren’t so great at coming up with their own passwords, and data breaches exist, putting our banking information and other sensitive data at risk. 

That’s why password managers exist, says University of Michigan School of Information associate professor Florian Schaub

“It’s just not possible without a password manager to have unique, long and hard-to-guess passwords,” he says. 

Schaub is interviewed for a story in Engadget, which recommends nine of the best password management systems for 2023. 


Read “The best password managers for 2023” on Engadget. 

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