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Schaub: We have to rely on Amazon to do the right thing with personal data

"Quoted by Reuters. Assistant Professor Florian Schaub. A look at the intimate details Amazon knows about us." Headshot of Florian Schaub. UMSI logo.

Friday, 11/19/2021

Your phone contacts. Your height and weight. Your ethnicity and political leanings. Your reading and buying habits. Your whereabouts on a given day. The names of your children and their favorite songs. 

Reuters reports on the extent of the intimate information Amazon collects on its users, including data from the recordings of Alexa-enabled devices and Ring security cameras. 

UMSI assistant professor Florian Schaub says businesses like Amazon are not always transparent about what they’re doing with users’ data. 

We have to rely on Amazon doing the right thing, rather than being confident the data can't be misused.

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