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Nazanin Andalibi in the News

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Recent publications by UMSI faculty and PhD students. ACM FAccT Conference and ICWSM 2024. Recent publications by UMSI faculty and PhD students.

FAcct 2024 and ICWSM: UMSI Research Roundup


UMSI research and workshops for the 2024 FAcct conference, as well as the AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media. 

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UMSI @ CHI 2024. Surfing the World. 11-16 May 2024. Honolulu, Hawaii.

UMSI at CHI 2024: Research, workshops, courses


UMSI research and workshops for the 2024 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI).

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Quoted by Government Technology. Assistant Professor Nazanin Andalibi. What will the EU AI Act mean for Ed Tech in the U.S.?

Andalibi: The use of emotion-recognition technologies in the workplace is harming employees


Nazanin Andalibi says emotion-recognition AI in the workplace harms worker well-being, performance  and infringes on their privacy. 

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UMSI News. Students walking towards a building on UM's campus.

Emotion-tracking AI on the job: Workers fear being watched – and misunderstood


Nazanin Andalibi talks about emotion AI and its use in the workplace. 

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Institute for Research on Women and Gender grant. Nazanin Andalibi. Assistant Professor.

Nazanin Andalibi earns Institute for Research on Women and Gender grant


The grant will support Andalibi’s research on social media’s role in the lives of  people living with endometriosis.

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Quoted by Wired. Assistant professor Nazanin Andalibi. The new era of social media policy looks as bad for privacy as the last one.

Andalibi: Users will still use social media platforms that do not protect their privacy


Do new social media platforms better protect user data? Nazanin Andalbi talks about privacy for Wired.

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UMSI Research Roundup: 2023 Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW)

UMSI at CSCW 2023: Awards, Workshops and Papers


Check out UMSI papers, workshops and awards for the 2023 CSCW conference (Oct. 14-18).

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UMSI at CSCW 2023. October 13-18 Minneapolis.

New research from 40+ UMSI scholars presenting at CSCW 2023


Check out UMSI papers, workshops and awards for the 2023 CSCW conference.

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Quoted by Bloomberg Law and Time. Assistant professor Nazanin Andalibi. Users should be wary of going further into the Meta ecosystem.

Andalibi: Threads’ lack of user protection is raising alarm


Nazanin Andalibi talks to Bloomberg Law and Time about Threads, the need for more privacy and security and why the platform is making her wary.

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Quoted by Yahoo Life. Assistant Professor Nazanin Andalibi. Content creators are showing how their lives have improved with help from Olivia Rodrigo’s trending track ‘Vampire’

Andalibi: Tiktok’s perceived anonymity encourages people to express themselves more


Nazanin Andalibi and Kristen Barta’s research on authenticity, TikTok and personal expression is mentioned by Yahoo Life.

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