Faces of UMSI

Meet some of the current students and recent alumni who typify the wide range of interests and backgrounds at the School of Information.


Shaelyn Albrecht - Using information to ensure every voter’s voice is heard

Fernando Carretero - Empowering his fellow Latinx students 

Abpreet Kaur- Inspiring women and girls in tech 

Emma Shpiz - Traveling the world and amplifying student opinions


Maggie Davidson - Seeking ways to break down barriers that prevent people from getting the help they need

Aaron Kosel - Looking to make technology more user-friendly

JoAnna Lincoln - a first responder when it comes to heavily damaged archival materials

Rohit Mogalayapalli - Improving Michigan Athletics using sports analytics 

Jaklyn Nunga - From LA to UMSI to Ecuador with the Peace Corps

Regen Le Roy - Rendering music education accessible 

Salma Siddiqui - Using data science to improve recruiting 

Hope Tambala - Changing healthcare in the Dominican Republic

Allison Thorsen - Bringing new life to pieces of the ancient world


Joel Adu-Brimpong (MHI '19) - Achieving health equity through leadership

Jeremy Griswold - When Uncle Sam asks if you’re interested in pursuing a master’s degree, you say yes

Dane Jacobsen (MHI '19) - Navigating fatherhood, healthcare, and two degrees

Veena Panicker (MHI '19) - From dentist to UX researcher 

Emily Trumpower - Using informatics to improve NICU care


Ayansola Akanmu - Using machine learning to impact agriculture and education

Kyle Balog -  U-M alumnus and Nike data engineer 

Stacey Beck - A new mom and physical therapist transitioning to a career health data science

Ermias Bizuwork - A self-starter looking for a challenge as he formalizes his data science education

Jenna Mekled - An accountant making a job transition

Carlo Tak - A data scientist from South Africa

Brad Thompson - A Michigan Law grad who decided to go blue again, three decades later


Mohamed Abbadi - Investigating prejudice locally and development internationally

Wei Ai - Using data to investigate altruism

Rasha Alahmad - Researching how individuals in organizations use technology

Tawfiq Ammari - Understanding shifting roles through social media

Lindsay Blackwell - From marketer to scholar, invested in social media

Samuel Carton - Combatting the spread of rumors on Twitter

Melissa Chalmers - Studies behind-the-scenes work of large-scale digitization

Priyank Chandra - Investigating the software piracy ecosystem

Daphne Chang - A focus on experimental economics and social norms

Yan Chen - Software developer behind "Codeon"

Padma Chirumamilla - Media anthropologist studies the tenor of everyday life

Heeryung Choi -  Striving for fairness in MOOCs

Rebecca Frank - Studying disaster planning in digital preservation

Tamy Guberek - Un-silencing the data on human rights abuses

Jean Hardy - Explores the use of social media in the LGBT community

Shiqing "Licia" He - Combining computer science and studio art for data visualization

Chiao-yin "Joey" Hsaio - Seeking ways to use technology to benefit immigrant communities

Pei-Yao Hung - Finding ways to help people learn from each other

Chuan-Che Jeff Huang - Enchanting users through context and computing

Brad Iott - Using social data to improve health standards 

Tsuyoshi Kano - Employing ICT to effect economic growth in developing countries.

Elizabeth Kaziunas - Helping people navigate the abundance of health care information

Cheng Li - Developing interactive machine learning and data algorithms that can help people

Linfeng Li - Understanding how people make decisions in various environments.

Yingzhi Liang - Maximizing social welfare through mechanism design

Cindy Lin - Research through a maker's eyes

Yu-Jen Lin - Blurring lines between digital and real

Jiaqi Ma - Making messy data make sense

Danaja Maldeniya - Scouring tweets for natural disaster survivor sentiments

Megh Marathe - Researching the perception of time

Allan Martell - In post-conflict societies, sharing collective memory digitally

Carol Moser - Exploring consumer behavior and design interventions

SungJin Nam - Using data and design to understand behavior

Chanda Phelan - Bridging gaps through thoughtful tech tools

Edward Platt - Studies how wikipedians collaborate

Shriti Raj - Using technology to help people manage chronic health conditions

Hariharan Subramonyam - An artistic vision applied to data visualization

Zhewei Song - Adding behavior to the equation 

Rohail Syed - Seeking to optimize online searching while learning

Chun-Yuen Teng - Researches how everything is connected through social networks

Penny Trieu - Investigating who people really are online

Allison Tyler - Wants to revolutionize how people access and reuse data

Elizabeth Whittaker - Uncovering online incivility 

Shiyan Yan - Evaluating crowd-sourced citizen science data

Teng Ye - Investigating virtual collaborations and the sharing economy

Jeremy York -  Researching how to make research better

Fangzhou "Ark" Zhang - Looking behind the curtain of people's choices

2019 Graduates

Anjan Banerjee - Using healthcare data to increase care access, focus treatment and improve health outcomes

Kangning Chen (MSI '19) - Embarking on the journey of grad school and motherhood

Matthew Cloutier (MSI '19) - Instructing students on music, marching, and data-oriented programming 

Andrew Engel (MSI '19) - After Peace Corps, a PhD and farm life, learning to design inclusive spaces in education

Isabel Gao (MSI '19) - Excited about diversity and entrepreneurship 

Jaren Johnson (BSI '19) - Transfer student finds fun in information science

Vinh Luong (BSI '19) - Taking aquaponics, algorithms and entrepreneurship to Microsoft

Imaan Munir (BSI '19) - Fostering human connection through design 

Nick Murray (MSI '19) - Pursuing social impact through HCI as a Professional Practice Fellow

Florence Noel (MSI '19) - Entrepreneur, community organizer, and activist, founder of Dear Black Women

Corey Schmidt (MSI '19) - Assembling the big picture through archives 

Sierre Wolfkostin (BSI '19) - At the intersection of creativity,  UX Design, and entrepreneurship

Novia Wong (MSI '19) - Implementing tech in special education 

2018 Graduates

Olubisi Ajetunmobi (MHI '18) - Optimistic, creative and passionate about global health

Adaeze Ajoku (MSI '18) - Using data analytics for Kellogg’s, Parkinson’s, Mental Health and Amway

Andrea Barbarin (PhD '18) - Focuses on consumer health issues in underserved communities

Cathy Chow (MSI '18) - Fulbright recipient who is passionate about digital access for all

Saskia DeVries (MSI '18) - Former U.S. Census Bureau Statistician, applying information toward policy decisions and poverty alleviation

Ann Duong (MHI '18) - Planning for end of life with Canopy

Allen Flynn (PhD '18) - Finding pharmacy’s future in information and computing

Audrey Goulding (MHI '18) -  A passion for data and public health

Terrence Green (BSI '18) - Making people's lives better through technology

Youyang Hou (PhD '18) - Researching how information technology can support civic engagement

Jasmine Jones (PhD '18) - Through technology, bridging cultural and temporal boundaries

George Lu (BSI '18) – Practicing gratitude, hard work, and perseverance on the path to product management

Desiree McLain (MSI ’18) - Celebrating Detroit’s history and helping volunteers become entrepreneurs

Celia Mulder (MSI '18) - Public Library Associate hopes her MSI will lead to library career

Gaurav Paruthi (PhD '18) - Working on a personal assistant app for health improvement

Nithya Rajendran (MHI '18) - Promoting health literacy and healthcare accessibility at home and abroad

Zoë Wilkinson Saldaña (MSI '18) - Using data visualization to tell stories that empower people

Etiowo Usoro (MHI '18) - Fulfilling his destiny with health informatics 

Abril Vela (BSI '18) – Helping kids create with CS and information science

Sangseok You (PhD '18) - Researching trust and emotion in human-robot teams

Ben Zimmerman (BSI '18) - Found his true path to UMSI by a winding road

2017 Graduates

Tawny Apsley (MHI '17) and Michelle Bochinski (MHI '17) - Two UMHS nurses training for information careers

Jessamine Bartley-Matthews (MSI '17) - In the Peace Corps and at UMSI, digging deep and making a difference

Danielle Culberson (MHI '17) - A position at Blue Cross piqued an interest in health informatics

MacKenzie DeWitt (MSI '17) - SIMA VP detoured from pre-law to follow the information pathway

Kaitlyn Docherty (BSI '17) - Community service volunteer, lacrosse player and SIBA officer

Elizabeth Gadelha (MSI '17) - Association of Research Libraries diversity scholar

Viviana Hernandez (BSI '17) - Bridging people and information through psychology

Katherine James (MHI '17) - A passion for public health and data analytics

Stephanie Kerner  (BSI '17) - Exploring the human side of technology

Yianni Kontorousis (BSI '17) - Embracing challenges in MPowered and entrepreneurship

Sarah Lebovitz (MSI '17) - Archivist touched history at anti-Apartheid archives in South Africa

Andy Lee (MHI '17)- Allying entrepreneurial ambitions with healthcare.

Logan Meyer (BSI '17) - First-Gen college student heads the School of Information Bachelor's Association

Dolorence Okullo (MHI '17) - Recognized by CDC and U.S. Embassy for HI efforts in Uganda

Brandon Patterson (MSI '17) - Improving higher education through technology

Eric Pfeifer (MHI '17) - Returned Peace Corps volunteer with a love of service and learning

Jake Silva (MSI '17) - Breaking into tech and building user interfaces

Wenjing (Carrie) Xu (PhD '17) - First doctoral student in both UMSI and Department of Economics

Tim Yoo (MSI '17) - Envisions technology opening doors to learning for underserved children

Xuan Zhao (PhD '17) - Building relationships with self and others through digital data


Profiles of the 2016 Class and earlier may be found in Alumni Spotlights.