Elizabeth Yakel

4323 North Quad
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Information, School of Information


Elizabeth Yakel, Ph.D. is Professor and Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the University of Michigan School of Information where she teaches in the areas of digital archives and digital preservation. Her research interests include data reuse, teaching with primary sources, and the development of standardized metrics to enhance repository processes and the user experience. One of Dr. Yakel’s research projects is “Dissemination Information Packages for Information Reuse” where she is studying research data reuse and digital preservation in three academic communities: quantitative social scientists, archaeologists, and zoologists. Funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS), the goal of this research is to identify the significant properties that support both preservation of the bits as well as the preservation of meaning overtime. Her current project, Qualitative Data Reuse: Digital Records of Practice in Education, is exploring the reuse of classroom video by researchers and teachers. This project is also funded by IMLS.

Areas of interest

Digital curation, data reuse, and preservation, http://www.oclc.org/research/themes/user-studies/dipir.html

Data reuse, http://qualitativedatareuse.org

Archival Metrics and Impact Measures, http://archivalmetrics.org

Archival and Preservation Education, http://virtualarchiveslab.org

Honors & Awards

International Digital Curation Conference 2013 Best Research Paper Award for “Trust in Digital Repositories” with Ixchel Faniel, Adam Kriesberg, and Ayoung Yoon, International Journal of Digital Curation, 8(1), 143–156. doi:10.2218/ijdc.v8i1.251. URL: http://ijdc.net/index.php/ijdc/article/view/251

Michael D. Cohen Outstanding Service Award, School of Information, University of Michigan, 2012

iConference 2012: Best Paper Award for “Managing fixity and fluidity in data repositories,” with Morgan G. Daniels, Ixchel Faniel, and Kathleen Fear, Proceedings of the 2012 iConference ‘12, Toronto: ACM Press, pp. 279-286. URL: http://dl.acm.orgcitation.cfm?id=2132212

Committee on Institutional Cooperation, Academic Leadership Program Fellow, 2008 – 2009.

Society of American Archivists, Fellows' Ernst Posner Award for 2008 American Archivist best paper, with Magia Krause, Interaction in the Virtual Archives: The Polar Bear Expedition Digital Collections,” American Archivist 70/2: 282-314.


A.B., Brown University, 1980
A.M.L.S., University of Michigan, 1982
Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1997

Research Projects