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University of Michigan School of Information

Eytan Adar

Eytan Adar

Associate Professor of Information, School of Information and Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, College of Engineering Email: [email protected] Phone: 734/647-8028
Office: School of Information/4368 North Quad Faculty Role: Faculty Potential PhD Faculty Advisor: Yes Personal website News About Eytan Adar


Areas of interest

I work on temporal-informatics, which is the study of the change of information—and our consumption of it—over time. This is primarily at Internet scales and it gives me an excuse to work on lots of different things I like ... text and log mining, visualizations, social network analysis, etc.


MS, PhD, University of Washington

MEng,  Massacusetts Institute of Technology


News about Eytan Adar

Recent publications by UMSI faculty and PhD students. ACM FAccT Conference and ICWSM 2024. Recent publications by UMSI faculty and PhD students.
FAcct 2024 and ICWSM: UMSI Research Roundup

UMSI research and workshops for the 2024 FAcct conference, as well as the AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media. 

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UMSI Research Roundup. Doc on the Tok. Getting Cozy with Causality. Recent publications by UMSI faculty and PhD students.
Doc on the Tok | Getting Cozy with Causality: UMSI Research Roundup

Recent UMSI faculty and PhD student publications. 

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