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University of Michigan School of Information

A headshot of Ghadir Awad

Ghadir Awad


PhD student at UMSI



Areas of interest

Social Media, ICT, Marginalization, Privacy, Surveillance

Honors & Awards

The Fulbright Scholarship
Palestinian Quebecer Science Bridge (PQSB) Research Fellowship
European Forum Alpbach Scholarship


Master of Arts in Public Policy
Master of Arts in Democracy and Human Rights
Bachelors of English Language and Literature

News about Ghadir Awad

UMSI @ CHI 2024. Surfing the World. 11-16 May 2024. Honolulu, Hawaii.
UMSI at CHI 2024: Research, workshops, courses

UMSI research and workshops for the 2024 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI).

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