Lionel Robert

4388 North Quad
Associate Professor of Information, School of Information

Areas of interest

In the past, my research focused on teamwork with technology. However, as my interests have broadened a more accurate description would be to say that I now focus on the collaboration through and with technology.

The specific areas are listed below:

1) Online Collaboration
Virtual Teams
Technology Mediated Teams

2) Human Robot Collaboration
Teamwork with Robots
Human Autonomous Vehicle Interaction

3) Sharing Economy
Coordination and Cooperation through Digital Platforms
Trust in Digital Platforms

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I am currently accepting doctoral students in each of those areas.

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Recently accepted papers:

Robert, L. P. ( 2019). "The Future of Pedestrian-Automated Vehicle Interactions," XRDS: Crossroads, 25(3), pp. 30-33. DOI: or

Petersen, L., Robert, L.P., Yang, X. J. Tilbury, D. (Accepted in 2019) "Situational Awareness, Driver’s Trust in Automated Driving Systems and Secondary Task Performance," SAE International Journal of Connected and Automated Vehicles, or

Zhang, A. F., Wang, R., Blohm, E., Budak, C., Robert, L. P. and Romero, D. (2019). "Participation of New Editors After Times of Shock on Wikipedia," Proceedings of the 13th International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM 2019), June 11–14, 2019, Munich, Germany, copy provided by the author:

You, S. and Robert, L. P. (2019). Trusting Robots in Teams: Examining the Impacts of Trusting Robots on Team Performance and Satisfaction, Proceedings of the 52th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 244 – 253. Jan 8-11, Maui, HI. or

You, S., Kim, J., Lee, S., Kamat, V., Robert, L. P. (2018). Enhancing Perceived Safety in Human–Robot Collaborative Construction Using Immersive Virtual Environments, Automation in Construction, 96, 161-170, or

Robert, L. P., Dennis, A.R. and Ahuja, M. (2018). "Differences are Different: Examining the Effects of Communication Media on the Impacts of Racial and Gender Diversity in Decision-Making Teams," Information Systems Research, 29(3), 525-545. or

You, S. and Robert, L. P. (2018). "Emotional Attachment, Performance, and Viability in Teams Collaborating with Embodied Physical Action (EPA) Robots," Journal of the Association of Information Systems, 19(5), pp. 377-407. or

You, S. and Robert, L. P. (2018). "Human-Robot Similarity and Willingness to Work with a Robotic Co-Worker," Proceedings of the 13th Annual ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human Robot Interaction (HRI 2018), (Acceptance rate: 23%), or

Robert, L. P. (2018). "Personality in the Human Robot Interaction Literature: A Review and Brief Critique," Proceedings of the 24th Americas Conference on Information Systems, (AMCIS 2018), Aug 16-18, New Orleans, LA. link to the copy provided by the author:

Honors & Awards

Carnegie Junior Faculty Development Fellowship
BAT Ph.D. Fellowship
KMPG Peat Marwick Ph.D. Foundation Fellowship

3 New Faculty Commendation for Teaching Commitment 2006-2008

3 Best Paper, Honorable Mention/Nomination Awards


B.S., University of Louisiana, Lafayette
M.S., Clemson University
M.S., University of Louisiana, Lafayette
M.B., Indiana University, Bloomington
Ph.D., Indiana University, Bloomington

Research Projects