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University of Michigan School of Information

A headshot of Paul Resnick

Paul Resnick

Michael D Cohen Collegiate Professor of Information, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs and Professor of Information, School of Information Email: Phone: 734/647-9458
Office: School of Information/4321 North Quad Faculty Role: Faculty Potential PhD Faculty Advisor: Yes



Bachelors in math, University of Michigan, 1985

PhD in computer science, MIT, 1992


"Cited by InQueensland, Professor Paul Resnick, 'Fly me to the moon- or Mars, or anywhere else that might help us all find some common ground.'" Headshot of Paul Resnick
Resnick: With more information, society can feel greater isolation

The author of a recent editorial piece laments the fracture of society, and wonders if we can ever come together? He cites professor Paul Resnick’s research on how the limitless information on the internet can divide people. 


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A person lounges with a laptop open on their lap. The screen shows a graph, which they compare against information on their smartphone.
As Russia invades Ukraine, social media users 'fly to quality'

A swift drop in late February in social media engagement with content from "iffy" sources is prompting University of Michigan researchers to ask whether Facebook and Twitter users have been experiencing a "flight to news quality," or at least a flight away from less trustworthy sites, during that time — and if so, why.

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