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University of Michigan School of Information


Graduate Certificate in Extended Reality (XR)

About the certificate

A new certificate program in Extended Reality (XR) is now available.

Extended reality interfaces enable new kinds of user experiences by superimposing digital content onto the user’s real worldview while virtual reality creates fully immersive virtual world experiences. Anyone who’s ever seen the virtual down line displayed on the field on any pro football game broadcast, caught a monster playing Pokémon Go, or arranged 3D images of furniture in the living room has already experienced some of what this technology can do.   

Recent years have seen an explosion of investment in XR technologies by major technology companies including Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. 

The certificate program will give students a set of common experiences and shared knowledge, while also allowing students with diverse backgrounds and interests to shape their XR course plan in a way that best suits their goals.


The certificate combines instruction in state-of-the-art production labs along with coursework in areas such as immersive modeling, 3-D production, design and evaluation methods, aesthetics, wearable technologies, and visualization.


12 credits are required for the certificate, but only SI 559 is a required course. Other credits can be fulfilled from the list of courses below. In addition, students may petition the program for other course credits to count toward meeting the 12 credits needed, depending on the student’s interest.

Required: [Information] SI 559: Introduction to AVR Application Design [3 credits]

Pre-Approved Electives:

•    [Information] SI 659: Developing AR/VR Experiences
•    [Stamps] ARTDES 420.1: Sci-Fi Prototyping
•    [SMTD] PAT 443: Immersive Media
•    [SEAS] EAS 501.160: Advanced Visualization
•    [Taubman] ARCH 591: Generative Design Computing
•    [Taubman] ARCH 703: Virtual Engagement in Digital Technologies

All students will also complete an integrative project, typically as an outgrowth of an XR-relevant course project or an independent project. 

Participating Units 

The program will be administered by the School of Information with participation by the Stamps School of Art and Design; the College of Engineering; the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts; the College of Nursing; the School of Dentistry; the School of Education; the School of Medicine; the School of Kinesiology; the A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning; the School of Music, Theater, and Dance; and the School for Environment and Sustainability.


All graduate students at the University of Michigan are eligible to apply for the XR Certificate. The application will open in late Fall 2020 and students interested in applying to the certificate may wish to take the required course or one or more of the elective courses in advance of their application.

For more information, please email